SoulFireSoulFire Circles - Ceremony of Apology, Celebrations of Renewal

At nearly a year out, there is no real solution for the sweeping effects of the Deep Horizon Disaster. We need a miracle and help from the unseen allies of hope. It is the teachings of many Grandmothers as well as our own visions that if and when we all come together to pour our prayers into the fire, the waters, the earth and the sky, we can actually weave together a sacred space that can welcome that miracle. SoulFire for the Gulf is our offering of music, ceremony, collaboration and kindness to actualize this miracle.

Each and every person who drives a car or uses any kind of oil of fossil fuel is in some part responsible to the Deep Horizon explosion that happened just less than a year ago.

Before we come to the year anniversary, we feel that it is important to instigate a ceremony of apology for the waters, the land and the people of the Gulf. We have witnessed the world coming together in solidarity in Egypt and Wisconsin and we feel that we need to tend to one of the largest manmade disasters of humanities history.

We believe that with your help and willingness to play we can inspire millions of people participate in a ceremony of apology and renewal for the waters of the Gulf and the waters of the world. So we are here to ask you to help us make this a reality.

Over the weekend of April 8-10, 2011 we will gather on the lands of the Homa Nation with as many First Nations Elders, New World Alchemists and Spiritual Activists as we can. If you can not join us in Louisiana, we invite you to gather with your community and participate in this ceremony of planetary renewal from your home place.

Our grassroots gathering style invites us all to show up and participate in simple things, like you gather together with your friends and walk to the waters, and sing. Play a heartbeat rhythm, for the waters. Say you are sorry for what has happened. We will offer ideas for structure and shared intentions, we will make space for you to share your insights, photos, prayers and blessings.

We invite you to join us in this Collaboration Across the Nations. Join us in ceremony to help with the renewal of a people and a planet in crisis. Seems to us it is the least we can do to help with the healing of the waters in the Gulf (and all around the Planet). Whether in Louisiana or in your home town, we want to see what we can collectively do to tend to the spirit of renewal of the Gulf.

Dr. John, Conscious Collaborations and Turtle Women Rising are the lead instigators for this ceremonial gathering and our core collaborators include Hawkwind Earth Renewal, NOMAF, and NOMRF.